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Invited Colloquia

Title: What do the data show? Multiple theoretical perspectives on learning in a single L2 classroomLanguage  (Language Learning Roundtable)

Organizer: Paul D. Toth, Temple University
Presenters: Paul D. Toth, Silvina Montrul, Karan Morgan, Briana Villegas, Joshua Buffington, Kristin Davin, Ali Kushki, Santoi Wagner, Innhwa Park, Raquel Mattson-Prieto, Rachel Showst
Discussant: Leila Ranta, University of Alberta  

Title: Fan Practices for Language and Literacy Development

Organizer: Shannon Sauro
Presenters: Shannon Sauro, Boris Vazquez-Calvo, Ebony Elizabeth Thomas, Jayne C. Lammers, Alecia M. Magnifico, Jen Scott Curwood
Discussant: Steve L. Thorne, Portland State University/University of Groningen, Netherlands

Title: Assessing Lingua Franca Competence (Joint AAAL/ILTA colloquium)

Organizer: Luke Harding, Lancaster University (UK
Presenters: Suresh Canagarajah, Luke Harding, Sara Kennedy, Josée Blanchet, Juliane Bertrand, Jennifer Jenkins and Constant Leung
Discussant: Tim McNamara, University of Melbourne

Title: Expanding the Applied Linguistics Lens on Multiliteracies: Sociomaterial Assemblages
(Wilga Rivers Language Pedagogy Colloquium)

Organizer: Diane Dagenais, Simon Fraser University
Presenters: Diane Dagenais, Gabriele Budach, Monica Waterhouse, Francis Bangou
Discussant: Kelleen Toohey, Simon Fraser University

Title: Lets automate: Natural language processing tools and their applications

Organizer: Scott Crossley, Georgia State University
Presenters: Scott Jarvis, Kristopher Kyle and Xiaofei Lu