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Dissertation Award

The Dissertation Award began in 2016 to acknowledge a dissertation that demonstrates research excellence, transcends narrow disciplinary fields, and has broad impact on and implications for the field of applied linguistics as a whole. Dissertations must have been completed during the previous two years.



Christine Muir | Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham
Dissertation: The dynamics of intense long-term motivation in language learning: Directed motivation currents in theory and practice

Jaran Shin, University of Massachusetts
Nicholas Subtirelu, Georgetown University


Shoko Sasayama | Assistant Professor, Globalization Office, Center for International Exchange, University of Tokyo
Dissertation: Validating the assumed relationship between task design, cognitive complexity, and second language task performance.

Dr. Kimberly Buescher, University of Massachusetts – Boston
Dr. Robert Kohls, San Francisco State University


Katherine A. Bernstein | Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
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Ji Min Kahng, Northeastern Illinois University
Sara Kangas, University of Pennsylvania