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Conversations with AAAL 2021 Plenary Speakers

Fall 2022 Webinars

Expanding and localizing efforts to prioritize critical language awareness: Opportunities, challenges, and ways forward

Webinar held October 17, 2022

Presenters:  Tracy Quan - Assistant Professor, Spanish Linguistics, University of Colorado Boulder; Ellen J. Serafini - Associate Professor, Spanish Applied Linguistics, George Mason University; Sergio Loza - Assistant Professor and Director of the Spanish Heritage Program, University of Oregon; Jennifer Leeman - Professor, Spanish Linguistics, George Mason University; Claudia Holguín Mendoza - Associate Professor, Spanish Linguistics, University of California Riverside; Angélica Amezcua - Assistant Professor, Spanish and Director of the Spanish Heritage Language Program, University of Washington

Summer 2022 Webinars

Writing for the public: Translating academics to activism

Webinar held August 3, 2022

Presenters:  Dr. Suzanne García Mateus, CSU Monterey Bay, and Sabrina Fluegel, University of Minnesota

Conversations with AAAL 2021 Plenary Speakers

A Conversation with Dr. Lynda Yates

Webinar held November 8, 2021

Presenter: Dr. Lynda Yates

A Conversation with Dr. Ema Ushioda

Webinar held October 21, 2021

Presenter: Dr. Ema Ushioda, University of Warwick

Summer 2021

Collaborating and Communicating with Publics: Engagement for Social Impact
 Webinar held July 28, 2021

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Spring 2021

Inequities in publishing: A conversation with multilingual scholars
 Webinar held January 14, 2021

Presenters: Dr. Miyuki Sasaki, Waseda University; Dr. Suresh Canagarajah, Penn State University; Dr. Naoko Taguchi, Northern Arizona University

Summer 2020

Applied Linguists in the Public Realm: Collaboration for Justice

Webinar held August 5, 2020

Presenters: John Baugh, Washington University in St. Louis; Maneka Deanna Brooks, Texas State University; and Glenn Martínez, The Ohio State University

Race, Racial Justice and Indigenous Revitalization

Webinar held July 10, 2020

Presenters: Dr. Uju Anya, The Pennsylvania State University; Dr. Onowa McIvor, University of Victoria; and Dr. Suhanthie Motha, University of Washington

Engagement in Praxis in Critical Applied Linguistics: Distinguished Scholarship and Service Award Winner Presentation

Webinar held June 23, 2020

Presenter: Dr. Ryuko Kubota, University of British Columbia, Canada

Special Open Session with Applied Linguistics Journal Editors

Webinar held June 17, 2020

Presenters: Dr. Marta Antón, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis and Dr. Emma Marsden, University of York