Webinar Recordings

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Conversations with AAAL 2021 Plenary Speakers

2024 Webinars

AAAL Webinar: AI in Applied Linguistics: Research & Assessment Strategies

Webinar held May 15, 2024


Jill Burstein, Duolingo English Test; Sowmya Vajjala, National Research Council

Introduction Slides

AAAL Webinar: Language, Gender, and Sexuality in Applied Linguistics: Current and Future Directions

Webinar held January 23, 2024


Brian W. King, English at the University of Hong Kong;
Mie Hiramoto, National University of Singapore; and
Ashlee Dauphinais Civitello, University of Nebraska Omaha

2023 Webinars

AAAL Webinar: Language and the Law: Highlighting AAAL’s new strand

Webinar held November 6, 2023


Susan Ehrlich, York University
Brett Hashimoto, Brigham Young University
Aneta Pavlenko, Drexel University

AAAL Workshop: Unlocking Grant Opportunities for Your Applied Linguistics Research

Webinar held September 26, 2023


Patricia Morita-Mullaney, Purdue University

AAAL Webinar: Open Research, Open Education, and Applied Linguistics: What You Need to Know

Webinar held July 21, 2023


Dr. Emma Marsden, University of York and Dr. Joshua Thoms, Utah State University

Webinar Talking Story wit da Pidgin Guerilla, Lee Tonouchi

Webinar held April 20, 2023

Manka Varghese
Christina Higgins
Lee Tonouchi
Kristen Urada
Kent Sakoda
Gavin Furukawa
Scott Andrada

Discussion on recent special issue of the Annual Review of Applied Linguistics (ARAL), (Volume 42):“Social justice in applied linguistics: Making space for new approaches and new voices.”

Webinar held February 10, 2023


Brittany Frieson, Assistant Professor of Literacy & Anti-racist Education, University of North Texas; Jin Kyeong Jung, Assistant Professor, Language, Diversity, and Literacy Studies, Texas Tech University; María Cioè-Peña, Assistant Professor, Educational Linguistics Division, University of Pennsylvania; Shakina Rajendram, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto; Vijay Ramjattan, Instructor, International Foundation Program, University of Toronto; Pejman Habibie, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education, The University of Western Ontario

Fall 2022 Webinars

Multidialectal and Multilingual Practices in L2 Arabic Learning ContextsWebinar

Webinar held December 12, 2022


Khaled Al Masaeed, Associate Professor, Second Language Acquisition and Arabic Studies, Carnegie Mellon University; Emma Trentman, Associate Professor, Language, Cultures, & Literatures, and Director of Language Learning Center, University of New Mexico; Lama Nassif, Associate Professor, Arabic Studies, Williams College; Sonia Shiri, Professor Arabic, Director of Arabic Special Programs, University of Arizona

Expanding and localizing efforts to prioritize critical language awareness: Opportunities, challenges, and ways forward

Webinar held October 17, 2022


Tracy Quan - Assistant Professor, Spanish Linguistics, University of Colorado Boulder; Ellen J. Serafini - Associate Professor, Spanish Applied Linguistics, George Mason University; Sergio Loza - Assistant Professor and Director of the Spanish Heritage Program, University of Oregon; Jennifer Leeman - Professor, Spanish Linguistics, George Mason University; Claudia Holguín Mendoza - Associate Professor, Spanish Linguistics, University of California Riverside; Angélica Amezcua - Assistant Professor, Spanish and Director of the Spanish Heritage Language Program, University of Washington

Summer 2022 Webinars

Writing for the public: Translating academics to activism

Webinar held August 3, 2022


Dr. Suzanne García Mateus, CSU Monterey Bay, and Sabrina Fluegel, University of Minnesota

Conversations with AAAL 2021 Plenary Speakers

A Conversation with Dr. Lynda Yates

Webinar held November 8, 2021


Dr. Lynda Yates

A Conversation with Dr. Ema Ushioda

Webinar held October 21, 2021


Dr. Ema Ushioda, University of Warwick

Collaborating and Communicating with Publics: Engagement for Social Impact

Webinar held July 28, 2021



Spring 2021

Race, Racial Justice and Indigenous Language Revitalization

Webinar held July 10, 2021


Dr. Uju Anya, Dr. Onowa McIvor; Dr. Suhanthia Motha

Inequities in publishing: A conversation with multilingual scholars

Webinar held January 14, 2021


Dr. Miyuki Sasaki, Waseda University; Dr. Suresh Canagarajah, Penn State University; Dr. Naoko Taguchi, Northern Arizona University

Summer 2020

Applied Linguists in the Public Realm: Collaboration for Justice

Webinar held August 5, 2020


John Baugh, Washington University in St. Louis; Maneka Deanna Brooks, Texas State University; and Glenn Martínez, The Ohio State University

Race, Racial Justice and Indigenous Revitalization

Webinar held July 10, 2020


Dr. Uju Anya, The Pennsylvania State University; Dr. Onowa McIvor, University of Victoria; and Dr. Suhanthie Motha, University of Washington

Engagement in Praxis in Critical Applied Linguistics: Distinguished Scholarship and Service Award Winner Presentation

Webinar held June 23, 2020


Dr. Ryuko Kubota, University of British Columbia, Canada

Special Open Session with Applied Linguistics Journal Editors

Webinar held June 17, 2020


Dr. Marta Antón, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis and Dr. Emma Marsden, University of York