Graduate Student Award

The Graduate Student Award (GSA) is a merit-based award that supports the attendance of AAAL graduate student members at the annual conference. The number of awards varies based on the availability of funds.


Applicants must be student members of AAAL at the time of application and enrolled in a university Master's or Ph.D. program in applied linguistics or a related field. Eligibility to apply is based on the quality of an accepted proposal for a poster or paper. Only single authored individual submissions are eligible for consideration. Graduate students who are eligible to apply will be notified by the conference chair by early November and may submit their application once they have confirmed their intention to attend the conference. Students will be given the opportunity to express interest in consideration for the GSA-JEDI at that time. Previous award recipients are not eligible to submit. If recipients are unable to attend the conference, they will not receive the award

The primary consideration in granting the award is the academic merit of the student’s proposal submitted to the conference. Please note that only individual submissions will be considered. Upon completion of the strand review process, the conference chair will identify the 20 top-scoring student proposals and will invite eligible students to send their applications. Specific information about the application submission process will be distributed to the students eligible to apply. Letters of invitation are sent out by early November. The Graduate Student Awards Committee determines the awardees. They will be notified no later than mid-January.



Olessya Akimenko | Simon Fraser University | Wilga Rivers Award
Aisha Barise | McGill University
Simon Bauer | University of Gothenburg
Saurav Goswami | Georgetown University
Lisa Lackner | University of Toronto | Duolingo Award
Harumi Maeda | Stanford University | NFMLTA/MLJ Award
Sophia Minnillo | University of California Davis | Grabe/Stoller Award
Caitlyn Pineault | Georgetown University | NFMLTA/MLJ Award
Monica Shank Lauwo | University of British Columbia | Multilingual Matters Award
Julia Spiegelman | University of Massachusetts Boston | Duolingo Award
Lyana Sun Han Chang | Penn State | GSA-JEDI Award
Yuanheng Wang | Penn State
Hongye Zeng | University of Maryland College Park | ETS Award


Negar Siyari| Georgetown University | Wilga Rivers Award
Thuy Tu|George Mason University| ETS Award
Ann Choe| University of Hawaii at Manoa| Multilingual Matters Award
Liang Cao| Simon Fraser University | GSA-DEIA
Tianfang Wang | Penn State University
Rachel Floyd| University of Arizona | NFMLTA/MLJ
Jazmine Exford| University of California, Santa Barbara
John Burton| Michigan State University | Duolingo
Hitoshi Nishizawa | University of Hawaii at Manoa | Duolingo
Mina Hernandez Garcia | University of Michigan | NFMLTA/MLJ
Hector Castrillon-Costa | University of Texas at San Antonio 


Olumide Ajayi | University of Georgia | GSA-DEIA
Elizabeth Huntley | Michigan State University | Wilga Rivers Award
Harini Rajagopal | University of British Columbia | Multilingual Matters Award
Tom Avery | University of Bath, United Kingdom | ETS Award
Megan Heise | Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Benjamin Calman | McGill University
Jing Yu | University of California, Santa Barbara
Masaru Yamamoto | University of British Columbia, Canada


Nathan Thomas, UCL IoE, University College London | Wilga Rivers Award
Paul Meighan, McGill University | Multilingual Matters Award
Ryo Maie, Michigan State University | ETS Award
Jeremy A. Rud, University of California, Davis
Maria Díez-Ortega, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Gomee Park, The University of Iowa


Andrew Hurie, University of Texas - Austin | Wilga Rivers Award
Bingjie Zheng, University of Wisconsin - Madison | ETS Award
Emily Linares, University of California - Berkeley | Multilingual Matters Award
Angel Steadman, University of Arizona
Jade Sandbulte, Penn State University
Larissa Goulart, Northern Arizona University
Valerie Meier, University of California - Santa Barbara


Ji-young Shin, Purdue University | ETS Award
Mark Visonà, Georgetown University
Jongbong Lee, Michigan State University | Multilingual Matters Award
Drew Colcher, Wichita State University
Yiran Xu, Georgetown University
Elif Burhan-Horasanli, University of Arizona
Carly Henderson, Indiana University | Wilga Rivers Award


Angelica Galante, University of Toronto | Multilingual Matters
Alexandra Martin, Georgetown University | Wilga Rivers Award
Hyeyoon Cho, University of Toronto
Jeffrey Scott Maloney, Michigan State University
Junichi Yagi, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Leah Carey, University of Minnesota


Lydia Catedral, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | Multilingual Matters Award 
Naoko Mochizuki, University of New South Wales | Wilga Rivers Award 
Jungmin Lim, Michigan State University | ETS Award
Katherine Masters, Pennsylvania State University 
Eun Young Bae, University of California, Las Angeles
Taichi Yamashita, Iowa State University


Geoffrey Pinchbeck, University of Calgary | The Educational Testing Service Award
Beth Dillard Paltrineri, University of Minnesota | The Multilingual Matters Award
Alireza Sobhanmanesh, University of Ottawa | The Wilga Rivers Award
Virak Chan, University of Texas at San Antonio 
Andrea R Leone-Pizzighella, University of Pennsylvania
Laura Vilkaite, University of Nottingham


Dorothy Worden, Penn State University | The Educational Testing Service Award
Sara E.N. Kangas, Temple University | The Wilga Rivers Award
Aziz Ullah Khan, The University of Auckland | The Multilingual Matters Award 
Elizabeth Ann Hepford, Temple University
In Chull Jang, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto 
Staci Defibaugh, University of Illinois


Nick Zhiwei Bi, University of Sydney | The Educational Testing Service Award
Ryan Goble, California State University, San Bernardino
Joel Heng Hartse, University of British Columbia | The Wilga Rivers Award
Alfonso Del Percio, University of St. Gallen/University of Chicago | The Multiligual Matters Award
Shelley Staples, Northern Arizona University
Janire Zalbidea, Georgetown University


Catherine O'Hallaron, University of Michigan/School of Education | The Educational Testing Service Graduate Student Award
Ryan Deschambault, University of British Columbia |The Multilingual Matters Graduate Student Award
Amanda Lanier Temples, Georgia State University | The Wilga Rivers Graduate Student Award
Phillip Hamrick, Georgetown University | The De Gruyter Graduate Student Award
Or, Tel Aviv University | The De Gruyter Graduate Student Award


Jing Xia, Arizona State University | The Educational Testing Service Graduate Student Award
Philippa Bell, Concordia University, Montreal |The Multilingual Matters Graduate Student Award
Elizabeth Tremmel, University of Wisconsin-Madison | The Wilga Rivers Graduate Student Award
Stephen Looney, University of Georgia | The De Gruyter Graduate Student Award
Stephen Skalicky, Washington State University | The De Gruyter Graduate Student Award


Joseph J. Lee, Georgia State University, USA (The Educational Testing Service Graduate Student Travel Award)
Zuzana Tomas, University of Utah, USA (The Multilingual Matters Graduate Student Travel Award)
Lorenzo García-Amaya, Indiana University, USA
Ana Pellicer-Sanchez, University of Nottingham, UK
Jin-Suk Yang, Chung-Ang University, South Korea
Megan Ackerman-Yost, Syracuse University, USA


Yasuyo Tomita, OISE/University of Toronto (The Educational Testing Service Graduate Student Travel Award)
Aubrey Logan-Terry, Georgetown University (The Multilingual Matters Graduate Student Travel Award)
Susan Ballinger, McGill University
Peter De Costa, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Kelly Sievert, Portland State University (MA)
Priti Sandhu, of Hawaii at Manoa (MA)


Rémi A. van Compernolle, The Pennsylvania State University (The Educational Testing Service Graduate Student Travel Award)
Luke Plonsky, Michigan State University (The Multilingual Matters Graduate Student Travel Award)
YouJin Kim, Northern Arizona University
Bo Ram Suh, Georgetown University
Lin Man-Chiu, of Hawaii at Manoa


Tatiana Nekrasova, Northern Arizona University
Khaled Barkaoui, OISE/University of Toronto
Federica Goldoni, The University of Georgia
Sang-Ki Lee, of Hawaii at Manoa
Wataru Suzuki, OISE/University of Toronto
Paul Quinn, OISE/University of Toronto
Mary Hudgens Henderson, Colorado State University


Angelika Kraemer, Michigan State University
Antonella Valeo, OISE/University of Toronto
Magdalena Kubanyiova, University of Nottingham
Amanda Brown, Boston University
Alison Crump, McGill University (MA)
Melanie Witt, Colorado State University (MA)


Ute Knoch, University of Auckland
Younghee Sheen, American University
Panos Athanasopoulos, University of Essex
Ena Lee, University of British Columbia
Masatoshi Sato, McGill University
Maureen Vanessa Reyes Corea, University of Ottawa


Hsi-Yao Su, University of Texas
Luxin , OISE/University of Toronto
Martin Guardado, University of British Columbia
Rania Habib, University of Florida
Tae-Young Kim, OISE/University of Toronto
Victoria Byczkiewicz, University of Southern California


Noriko Ishihara, University of Minnesota
Joseph Park, University of California, Santa Barbara
Elvis Wagner, Columbia University
Hyunjung Shin, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto
Lisa Mikesell, UCLA Ryan LaBrozzi, Pennsylvania State University


Kata Csizer, Eötvös University, Budapest
Hahn Nguyen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Leslie Ash, Wayne State University
Marie B. Fitzpatrick, San Diego State University


Eowyn Crisfield Burr, Concordia University
Ioana Nicolae, Concordia University
Helen S. Carpenter, Georgetown University
Masaki Kobayashi, University of British Columbia


Almut Koester, University of Nottingham, UK
Julie Kerekes, Stanford University
Julie Broulé, Concordia University
Barbara Z. Hegyesi, Georgia State University


Jodi Nelm, University of Florida
Diana Pulido, of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Claudia R. Fernández, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Melem Sharpe, California State University Fullerton


Shinichi Izumi, Georgetown University
Karin Goettsch, University of Minnesota


Laura Collins, Concordia University
Paul Kei Matsuda, Purdue University


Suzanne Scott, Northern Arizona University


Renee Jourdenais, Georgetown University (Nattinger/Oxford University Press Travel Grant)