Applied Linguistics Briefs

Applied Linguistics Briefs are short, one-page explanations of language-related issues that affect individuals and society (as stated in AAAL's mission statement). The intended audience is anyone interested in and/or affected by the issue that is described. The information is provided in language that is accessible to a non-specialist readership. Briefs are written by (an) author(s) with expertise in the language-related issue.

For guidelines on the format and structure of the Briefs, please see the Instructions for Author Guidelines document.

For more information about the process by which Briefs are solicited, reviewed, approved, and disseminated on the AAAL website, please see AAAL Standing Rule 13 Public Affairs and Engagement Committee.

We encourage readers to share the Briefs widely within their networks.

The Applied Linguistics Briefs project is an initiative of the AAAL Executive Committee and the Public Affairs and Engagement Committee. The Pilot phase of the initiative was in 2019, when 3 Briefs were written by scholars and practitioners in the field.

For more information/questions about the Briefs please contact the Public Affairs and Engagement Committee Chair (

2024 Briefs


2023 Briefs

The Role of Ableism in Language Education in U.S. Schools- August 2023

2021 Briefs

Miranda warnings and suspects with limited English proficiency - October 2021

A Critical Perspective on the Educational Labeling of Multilingual Students in the United States - October 2021

Resources for Authors

 Guidelines for communicating rights to non-native speakers of English in Australia, England and Wales, and the USA

Instructions for Authors

Standing Rules (Refer to SR 13)