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Graduate Student Council

GSC Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the AAAL Graduate Student Council is:

  • To support the professional development and personal well-being of AAAL graduate student members individually;
  • To build a strong community of AAAL graduate student members collectively; and
  • To conduct outreach and advocacy on behalf of AAAL graduate student members within and beyond the discipline of applied linguistics.

To accomplish these priorities, we provide:

  • Resources and opportunities for professional development, such as:
    • Conference sessions
    • Information about funding sources
    • Venues for presenting and publishing research
  • Community-building initiatives, such as:
    • Service opportunities within AAAL
    • Access to AAAL member benefits
    • Increasing inter-institution student-student connections, collaborations, and communications
    • Peer mentoring
  • Outreach activities, such as:
    • Advocating for AAAL Executive Committee action to benefit graduate student members
    • Creating and maintaining connections to other graduate student organizations (e.g. LSA Committee on Student Issues and Concerns, AERA Graduate Student Council, National Association of Student Anthropologists)
    • Promoting advanced graduate students as experts in the media


2016-17 priorities

Top importance

  • Structuring and systematizing volunteer opportunities for AAAL graduate students
  • Bring critical awareness to conference event planning; balance with member demands
  • Creating and maintaining a AAAL graduate student newsletter that addresses grad student interests and issues


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