History & Future Dates

Nationally and internationally, the annual AAAL conference has a reputation as one of the most comprehensive and exciting language conferences! At each conference new ideas are generated, disciplinary boundaries are crossed, and research is shared about the role of language in all aspects of cognition and social action, including language learning and teaching.

The AAAL conference is known for its in-depth symposia and focused workshops on key issues in applied linguistics; sessions on a wide range of research studies, in progress or completed; its stimulating and often provocative plenaries; and access to the latest publications via the book exhibit. Last but not least, the AAAL conference is the place for networking, for established and new professionals, and for graduate students.

Upcoming Conferences

  • 2020: Denver, Colorado March 28-31
  • 2021: Houston, Texas March 20-23
  • 2022: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania March 19-22
  • 2023: Portland, Oregon 

Past Conferences

NOTE: Before 1990, the AAAL met jointly with the Linguistic Society of America (LSA).

  • 1989 Washington, DC December 28-30
  • 1988 New Orleans, Louisiana December 28-30
  • 1987 San Francisco, California December 28-30
  • 1986 New York, New York December 28-30
  • 1985 Seattle, Washington December 28-30
  • 1984 Baltimore, Maryland December 28-30
  • 1983 Minneapolis, Minnesota December 28-30
  • 1982 San Diego, California December 28-30
  • 1981 New York, New York December 28-30
  • 1980 San Antonio, Texas December 28-30
  • 1979 Los Angeles, California December 27-29
  • 1978 Boston, Massachusetts December 28-30