2022 Research Article Award Winner

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The AAAL Research Article Award is bestowed annually upon the author(s) of a published refereed journal article which is recognized by leaders in the field to be of outstanding quality and to hold the broadest potential impact on the advancement of applied linguistic knowledge. We are pleased to announce that the article “Equity in bilingual education: Socioeconomic status and content and language integrated learning in monolingual Southern Europe” (published in Applied Linguistics, 42(3)) has been selected as the winner of this year’s AAAL Research Article Award. The authors are Francisco Lorenzo, Adrián Granados & Nuria Rico.

Members of the AAAL Research Article Award Committee, chaired by Ute Roemer, found that the article "makes a significant contribution to the discussion of effects of socioeconomic status in content and language integrated learning (CLIL). Based on results from a large-scale quantitative analysis using data from more than 3,800 students representing four socioeconomic status levels, the article convincingly demonstrates how CLIL education can lead to egalitarian effects in the development of language competence, regardless of the students’ socioeconomic status. The study has important implications for language education policy and addresses central issues related to student equity—a topic which is central to the mission of AAAL. The study can be cited to advocate for CLIL and to oppose screening procedures that may disadvantage underprivileged students. It presents an excellent model of applied linguistics work of strong practical relevance and societal value."

Congratulations to the authors!