AAAL 2021 Book Award Winner Announced

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2021 AAAL First Book Award

Winner: Looking like a Language, Sounding like a Race: Raciolinguistic Ideologies and the Learning of Latinidad
Authored by: Jonathan Rosa, Stanford University
Published by: Oxford University Press

About the Author

Jonathan Rosa is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education, Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, and, by courtesy, Departments of Anthropology and Linguistics, at Stanford University. He also currently serves as Director of Stanford’s Program in Chicanx-Latinx Studies and President of the Association of Latina/o and Latinx Anthropologists of the American Anthropological Association. Dr. Rosa’s research centers on joint analyses of racial marginalization, linguistic stigmatization, and educational inequity, as well as collaborations with schools and communities to track these phenomena and develop tools for understanding and challenging the forms of disparity to which they correspond. Rosa is author of the book, Looking like a Language, Sounding like a Race: Raciolinguistic Ideologies and the Learning of Latinidad (2019, Oxford University Press), and co-editor of the volume, Language and Social Justice in Practice (2019, Routledge). His work has appeared in scholarly journals such as the Harvard Educational Review, American Ethnologist, Journal of Linguistic Anthropology, and Language in Society, as well as media outlets such as MSNBC, NPR, CNN, and Univision. In recognition of this work, Dr. Rosa received the 2018 Charles A. Ferguson Award for Outstanding Scholarship from the Center for Applied Linguistics.

About the Award

The American Association for Applied Linguistics AAAL First Book Award recognizes a scholar whose first book represents outstanding work in the field of applied linguistics. In bestowing this award, the association honors high-quality books that make an exceptional contribution to the field as a whole or to a specific area of specialization. The First Book Award will be given biennially, alternating every other year with the AAAL Book Award.