2025 Invited Colloquia 

Contesting Boundaries and Identities in Applied Linguistics: Insights from Asian Diaspora Scholars, Activists, and Allies

Convened by:
Chris Montecillo Leider, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Kevin Wong, Pepperdine University

Contesting Culturelessness: Developing Hemispheric Black Language Pedagogies in World Language Education

Convened by:
Aris Clemons, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Tasha Austin, University at Buffalo

Equity, Social Justice, and the Arts: How Arts-Based Methodologies can serve as Community-Accountable Research in Applied Linguistics

Convened by:
Adriana Alvarez, University of Colorado 
Sofia Chaparro, University of Colorado 

Hip Hop Linguists as Players of Multiple Games

Convened by:
Jaspal Naveel Singh, The Open University, United Kingdom

Strengths, limitations, and challenges of intersectional approaches

Convened by:
Yasmine Romero, University of Hawai‘i-West O‘ahu

Researcher reflexivity and positionality in quantitative and experimental research

Convened by:
Aline Godfroid, Michigan State University
Sible Andringa, University of Amsterdam
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