AAAL 2023 Invited Colloquia

The politics and practice of allyship in queer applied linguistics and language education

Convened by:
James CodaCollege of Education, Health, and Human Sciences, University of Tennessee 
Ashley R. MooreWheelock College of Education & Human Development, Boston University

Broadening the Base and Charting New Courses in Second Language Speech Comprehensibility Research

Convened by:
Dustin CrowtherUniversity of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa  
Daniel IsbellUniversity of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Expanding theoretical and methodological approaches to data-driven learning: Moving forward with research and pedagogy

Convened by
Sandra C. DeshorsMichigan State University
Charlene PolioMichigan State University

Researching Multilingually to Rethink EMI policy and practices

Convened by 
Andy GaoSchool of Education, University of New South Wales
Yongyan Zheng, Fudan University, China 

Positive mentoring: Thriving not merely surviving

Convened by 
Tammy GregersonDepartment of English, American University of Sharjah

Conceptual and methodological innovations in L2 literacy development: Learning from multilingual immigrant and refugee background students and communities

Convened by
Amanda Kibler, College of Education at Oregan State University
Fares J. Karam, College of Education & Human Development

Methodological Innovation in Applied Linguistics Research: Perspectives, Strategies, and Trends

Convened by
Shaofeng LiFlorida State University
Matthew T. Prior, Arizona State University

Wilga Rivers Language Pedagogy Colloquium:

Codeswitching, Translanguaging, and Language Naming: The Psychological Reality and Social Significance of Multilingualism

Convened by
Jeff MacSwanUniversity of Maryland
Christian J. Faltis, Texas A&M International University

Negotiating identity in an unequal digital world

Convened by
Ron DarvinUniverstiy of British Columbia
Bonny NortonUniversity of British Columbia


Interdisciplinarity and Collaboration in Task-based Language Teaching Research: Advances and Challenges

Convened by
Andrea Révész, University College London
Youjin Kim, Georgia State University

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