AAAL 2022: Presenter Guidelines

Here are some guidelines from the Conference Team for presenters whose presentations have been  accepted, who have registered, and are scheduled in the AAAL 2022 program but experience unforeseeable travel difficulties due to COVID-19:

  1. Roundtables and posters are designed for interactive reports of work and require in-person delivery. If you are scheduled as a presenter of a roundtable or a poster in the AAAL 2022 program, please inform us as soon as you know you won’t be able to travel, and we will cancel your event.
  2. If you are scheduled as a presenter of an individual paper, please let us know if you will not be able to travel. The Conference Team will discuss options with you, as follows: (1) we cancel your participation, (2) you appoint a trusted colleague who will attend the conference and who commits to present for you, either by reading the paper to the audience or by playing an mp4 file of your pre-recorded presentation to the audience. If playing your pre-recorded presentation, this designated colleague will need to bring their own laptop and their own external speakers to the conference. Please note you are still considered to be the primary presenter and you are required to be registered for the conference in order for your presentation to be delivered by your appointed proxy.
  3. If you are a colloquium organizer and one of your presenters cannot attend, it will be your responsibility to devise a backup plan so as to uphold the quality of your colloquium event. We recommend one of two options for your consideration. (1) Please bring your speaker’s pre-recorded presentation as an mp4 file together with your own external speaker devices for better sound, then play it on your laptop for the colloquium audience. Note that colloquium speakers who have their paper presented via a pre-recording are still required to be registered for the conference for their paper to be included in your colloquium in the program. Or (2) please notify us if your speaker cannot travel and that you have insufficient speakers for your 2-hour or 1-hour colloquium. The Conference Team will do our best to restructure your event into (a) a 1-hour colloquium with fewer speakers or (b) several individual paper presentations. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel your colloquium if due to travel difficulties it looks impossible to retain the event without sacrificing quality and coherence in the AAAL 2022 program. Colloquium organizers, presenters, and discussants must be in close communication with each other and with the Conference Team about plans that diverge from the original submission and expectations.

These are good-faith guidelines developed by AAAL to accommodate COVID-19 unforeseeable travel difficulties at AAAL 2022. Please note that refunds of registration to a speaker who must cancel will be honored in alignment with the AAAL Conference Cancellation Policy, available here