2020 Plenary Speakers

March 28-31, 2020 in Denver, Colorado

Mileidis Gort, University of Colorado Boulder
"Biliterate writing development in early childhood: Insights from young Latinx bilingual children’s explorations of oral and written language"
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Alison Mackey, Georgetown University
"Cognitive-Interactionist SLA: Findings, new methods and the big picture"
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Onowa McIvor, University of Victoria
“Indigenous language revitalization and applied linguistics: Paralleled histories, shared futures? What can we learn from each other?"
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Suhanthie Motha, University of Washington
"Is an antiracist and decolonizing applied linguistics possible? Connecting the past to the future"
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Deb Roy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Local Voices Network: Bringing under-heard community voices, perspectives and stories forward for healthier public dialogue"
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