Volunteering at Conference

You must be an active AAAL student member through the dates of the conference in order to sign up. Should your membership expire between now and the conference, you will need to renew your membership before volunteering.

Volunteers are also required to register to attend the conference.

Volunteering for the full, 4-hour shift is required in order for your conference registration fee to be refunded.

Before signing up to volunteer, you must have already registered and paid the conference registration fee. Your payment will be refunded to you after the conference, following the successful completion of your assigned shift.

If you have any questions, please email the AAAL Business Office at info@aaal.org.

Volunteer Roles
  • Registration Desk: These individuals will assist attendees by distributing name badges, ribbons, wristbands, and any printed materials at the registration desk.
    • REQUIREMENT: You must serve for a 4-hour shift at the Registration Desk on one of the four days of the conference. 
  • Attendee Assistant: These volunteers will be stationed on each floor and will be responsible for assisting attendees with directions to sessions, facilities, as other needs as requested. They will assist with contacting a designated A/V staff member if technological support is needed. 
    • REQUIREMENT: You must serve for a 4-hour shift on your assigned floor on one of the four days of conference.
  • Pre-Recorded Presentation Volunteer: These volunteers will be responsible for two pre-recorded, individual presentations of 20 minutes each, as a service to two presenters who cannot attend in person. These volunteers must be available to fulfill the requirements below for one presentation per day on two separate days of the conference. Dates and times are TBD and will be communicated to you via email prior to the conference. The sign-up spot acts only as a placeholder and does not reflect the time you will be asked to present. 
    • REQUIREMENT: You must agree to complete the following for two presentations: coordinate with the Conference Team to receive the pre-recording and check that it works prior to arriving onsite, bring your own laptop and external speakers to Pittsburgh, arrive in the room where your pre-recorded presenter is scheduled for one session ahead of time as a buffer, check that the set-up will work, and play the presentation at the scheduled time.
  • Roundtable Support: These volunteers will be responsible for moderating and time-keeping during the roundtable sessions.
    • REQUIREMENT: You must serve for a 4-hour shift in your assigned room on one of the four days of conference.


All volunteer applicants must be registered for the conference in order to be considered for a volunteer position. Register here by February 10, 2022 in order to receive the best possible registration rate.

Plenary Speakers

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Invited Colloquia

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