Poster Instructions

Poster Instructions 

All poster sessions will take place in the Majestic Foyer, located on the Majestic Level.

Each poster will be displayed on one side of a 4 foot (vertical) by 8 foot (horizontal) bulletin board. Posters should be no larger than 4 foot by 8 foot in size, but can be smaller in size (e.g., 3 foot by 5 foot also works well). Presentation times can be found here (CLICK HERE).

AV projection and amplification equipment will not be available. Presenters may use their own equipment, such as a laptop or portable DVD player. Please ensure equipment has enough battery power to last for the duration of the session as proximity to outlets is uncertain.

A good poster session centers on one main theme or finding, presents useful or new information, and stimulates discussion. Presenters should prepare a poster display that captures their topic, findings and ideas in easily understood printed text and graphics. These sessions are an informal blend of brief presentation and interactive dialogue with conference-goers. Poster presenters should remain next to their poster session throughout their assigned period. 


The following resources may be useful for first-time poster presenters:

University of Buffalo

Posters for Humanities and Social Sciences Student Research Conference

Penn State Social Science Research Institute