The Public Affairs & Engagement Committee (PAEC) is a AAAL standing committee that was formed in December 2016. It provides “an important means by which AAAL members can bring their collective expertise to bear on issues of social importance and inform public debate by speaking to issues of social and professional relevance” (AAAL Standing Rules). The PAEC is charged with engaging AAAL in the public domain.

This can be accomplished by (a) preparing and proposing position statements; (b)processing position statements submitted by the general membership; (c)recommending for endorsement position statements/resolutions issued by other organizations; (d) organizing an annual public affairs event; and (e) other outreach activities (e.g., interviews, op-ed pieces, blog posts, social media outreach, other means of communicating with the public) (AAAL Standing Rules). The PAEC provides a set of interdisciplinary applied linguistics perspectives on issues of public concern. We take a collaborative approach to initiatives moving forward, seeking to facilitate projects that are critical to AAAL members and tackle relevant social issues of the day. We also see ourselves as a resource for consultation and facilitation as AAAL members conceptualize which issues to address, why, and how.

How to Get Involved:
1. We encourage AAAL members to join the Applied Linguistics & Social Justice listserv.  This is an online forum open to all AAAL members for exchanging of ideas, resources, publications, and initiatives focused on applied linguistics and social justice. The listserv is a collaborative space in which a growing AAAL network can share relevant interests and expertise in social justice-related areas. If you would like to be added to this list, please contact the AAAL Public Affairs & Outreach Committee Chair Netta Avineri (

2. The Public Affairs & Engagement Committee (PAEC) encourages AAAL members to create “Applied Linguistics Briefs.” These briefs are 1-2-page summaries of applied linguistics topics of interest to the general public.

Description: A 1-2-page resource/high level summary.  Can link to/be a subset of a long reference.

A digestible understanding of how Applied Linguists/ics interact with health care, aviation, language teaching, criminal justice, etc. (using less technical terminology). Primary audiences are public, news media and other fields/disciplines (can also include professionals/practitioners, language teachers, language learners, applied linguistics professors).

Focus: How do we impact/support/develop/relate to X area of societal interest?

Purpose: Education, awareness-raising, could also be used for advocacy

Format/Register: Fairly informal, something like a white paper and/or magazine article and/or blog post format

Platform: on the AAAL website

If you have questions and/or are interested in potentially writing or collaborating on an Applied Linguistics Brief, please send a note to Netta Avineri ( The PAEC is happy to facilitate the writing process for the briefs.

3. AAAL members can also get in touch with ideas for projects and initiatives of social concern. Please feel free to contact Netta Avineri at with your ideas.

Committee Members: