Opposing The Arizona Ballot Initiative "English Language Education For Children In Public Schools"

Whereas, The American Association for Applied Linguistics endorses appropriate language instruction for immigrant and language minority children that both promotes their acquisition of English and protects their right to maintain and develop their native and heritage languages;

and Whereas, A proposed ballot initiative in Arizona "English Language Education for Children in Public Schools" would restrict or remove access to appropriate instruction while introducing harmful educational practices;

Therefore be it resolved at the general business meeting of the American Association for Applied Linguistics, convened on this 8th day of March, 1999:

  1. That, The American Association for Applied Linguistics make publicly known its firm opposition to such a ballot initiative; and
  2. That, The American Association for Applied Linguistics offer its services to the government, educational associations, school boards, and parents and children of Arizona so that vital knowledge about language and educational access can be fully considered before decisions are made on this important issue.