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  1. AAAL 2023 Conference at a Glance|Sinem Sonsaat-Hegelheimer & Sarah Hercula
  2. AAALetter Editorial Team|Sarah Hercula, Sinem Sonsaat-Hegelheimer, & Shuyi Yang

AAAL 2023 Conference at a Glance

Sinem Sonsaat-Hegelheimer, Iowa State University, and Sarah Hercula, Missouri University of Science and Technology
AAALetter Assistant Editor and Editor

We hope you enjoy this issue’s infographic, featuring data from the March 2023 AAAL conference. You can also open and download a PDF of the infographic to zoom in further.



The AAALetter Editorial Team

Sarah Hercula, Missouri University of Science and Technology; Sinem Sonsaat-Hegelheimer, Iowa State University; and Shuyi Yang, Johns Hopkins University
AAALetter Subcommittee, AAAL Online Education and Outreach Committee (OEOC)

AAALetter editorial team: Dr. Sarah Hercula, Dr. Sinem Sonsaat-Hegelheimer, and Dr. Shuyi Yang

We, the editorial team for the AAALetter, are excited to have launched a new format for the AAALetter with the publishing of this June 2023 issue. We are especially excited to share our new feature articles and spotlights on sibling organizations. We are grateful to the AAAL Executive Committee (EC) for their support in shaping the future of the AAALetter, especially our team’s liaison to the EC, AAAL Secretary Agnes He. If you have thoughts or suggestions for future issues of the AAALetter, please reach out and let us know! Below, you can find bios for the current members of our editorial team.

Sarah Hercula, Editor, AAALetter

Sarah Hercula is an associate professor of applied linguistics in the Department of English and Technical Communication at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, MO. Dr. Hercula holds a PhD in English studies with a specialization in linguistics and a graduate certificate in TESOL from Illinois State University. Her research interests include English language variation, language attitudes and ideologies, and linguistics pedagogy, among others. Her most recent book is entitled Fostering linguistic equality: The SISE approach to the introductory linguistics course (Palgrave Macmillan 2020). This is Dr. Hercula’s first issue as the Editor of the AAALetter, but she has served as an assistant editor on the newsletter editorial team since April 2020.

Sinem Sonsaat-Hegelheimer, Assistant Editor, AAALetter

Sinem Sonsaat-Hegelheimer is an assistant professor in the Applied Linguistics and Technology program at Iowa State University. Dr. Sonsaat-Hegelheimer’s research interests include L2 pronunciation instruction, materials evaluation and development, and computer-assisted language learning (CALL). She is the co-editor of Second language pronunciation: Bridging the gap between research and practice (Wiley Blackwell) with John M. Levis and Tracey M. Derwing. Dr. Sonsaat-Hegelheimer has served on the AAALetter editorial team since March 2022.

Shuyi Yang, Assistant Editor, AAALetter

Shuyi Yang is a lecturer of Chinese at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Yang holds a PhD in Second Language Acquisition from University of Iowa. Her research interests include Chinese as a second language reading, second language reading and writing assessment, Chinese as a second language vocabulary acquisition, and Chinese as a second language pragmatics. She has publications in System, Foreign Language Annals, Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, and Reading in a Foreign Language and has served as a reviewer for Language Learning, Language Testing, Foreign Language Annals, Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal, Reading in a Foreign Language, and Language Assessment Quarterly: An International Journal. We welcome Dr. Yang as a new member of the AAALetter editorial team, joining us as of this June 2023 issue.

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