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Reflections on the AAAL Roundtable, Writing for publication globally

Wednesday, May 10, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)

Zoom Webinar. You will receive the link in your confirmation email.

Event Details

AAAL Webinar: Reflections on the AAAL Roundtable, Writing for publication globally: Evaluation regimes, knowledges, digital practices

In the past three decades, the central academic practice of writing for publication has received increased attention from applied linguists and literacy researchers, particularly in terms of the pressures on multilingual scholars around the world to publish in English. Our 2022 AAAL Language Learning Invited Roundtable invited researchers to take up critical strands of research focusing on three key aspects of this consequential academic practice: 1) the role of academic ‘evaluation regimes’ (e.g., Lillis, 2018) and the policies structuring them nationally and transnationally; 2) the status, legitimacy, and cultural value attached to knowledges produced outside of Anglophone-center institutions, in particular, the global South; and 3) how digitally mediated practices are affecting academic publishing, instructional practices, and evaluation policies. In this Zoom conversation we will briefly outline the contours of these conversations, then invite participants into a broader dialogue about these issues.


  • Mary Jane Curry, University of Rochester, NY
  • Theresa Lillis, The Open University, UK

Prior to attending, please view the original AAAL Language Learning invited Roundtable discussion.