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Center for Transnational & Multilingual Education: Webinar Series

Thursday, April 15, 2021
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EDT)

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Trans-semiotizing as a new pedagogy of hope: Leveraging linguistic and semiotic flows in language arts classrooms

The Georgia State University Center for Transnational & Multilingual Educations hosts this interactive webinar with Dr. Zhongfeng Tian, Dr. Matthew R. Deroo, and Christina M. Ponzio

With radical shifts in global mobilities and migration, we imagine U.S. classrooms as spaces of possibility where teachers and students can bring their cultural, linguistic, and semiotic repertoires together to engender collective forms of transformative learning. In an effort to counteract monolingual and monomodal bias in language and literacy education, we share three research projects where educators across K-12 and post-secondary settings implement “trans-semiotizing” as a new pedagogy of hope (Lin, 2019) in language arts education. We demonstrate that by leveraging students’ linguistic and semiotic flows, trans-semiotizing could maximize their academic learning while supporting their socioemotional and identity development.

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