Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA) Initiatives

Over the past few years, AAAL has developed the following initiatives to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and access within our organization and beyond. If you are interested in working in conjunction with AAAL on any of these issues, please contact the noted representative where applicable.


  1. Establishment of a social/mentoring network for under-represented scholars (Sobremesa Event). Contact: Varies Yearly, email info@aaal.org to express interest.
  2. Establishment of family-friendly policies to support members attending the annual conference with their children. Contact: Charlene Polio, AAAL Member-at-Large.
  3. Establishment of Conference Connections as a Standing Committee to provide mentorship to new/junior scholars attending the annual conference. Contact: Bethany Gray, Chair of the Committee on Conference Connections.
  4. Revision of by-laws to allow AAAL to react more quickly to public/political events (that is, without a vote of the entire membership). Contact: Kendall King, AAAL President
  5. Creation of new award for graduate student diversity scholarship (in process, with leadership from FFAL). Contact:  Glenn Martinez, AAAL Treasurer.
  6. Establishing formal policies to ensure that images and photos of people reflect stated valued and commitments around diversity, equity, access, and inclusion. (Social Media Subcommittee and Online Education and Outreach currently drafting guidelines and procedures, to be reviewed by EC in Oct.) Contacts: Yu Jung Han, Chair of the Social Media Sub-committee and Fabiola Ehlers-Zavala, AAAL Secretary.
  7. Revision of Nomination Committee policies and procedures to specify diversity, equity, access, and inclusion efforts as criteria (in process by the Nominating Committee). Contact: Andrea Revesz, Chair of the AAAL Nominating Committee.
  8. Revision of by-laws and policies around naming a representative to AILA so that process is more transparent, open, and reflects diversity, equity, access, and inclusion values (in process).
  9. Assignment of diversity/inclusion efforts to ensure discussion and presence in EC meetings to the duties of the Secretary (including the contribution of updates on diversity and inclusion efforts in the AAALetter to keep the membership appraised of progress.). Contact: Fabiola Ehlers-Zavala, AAAL Secretary


  1. Development of a position statement with the AAAL Commitment to International Diversity and Exchange of Ideas. Please note, if you have a specific endorsement idea, please contact Netta Avineri, Chair of the AAAL Public Affairs and Engagement Committee (PAEC@aaal.org). 
  2. Implementation of graduated fee structures for members from low-income economies and lower rates for graduate students.
  3. Establishment of an Indigenous Language Support Fund to promote the participation of scholars working in this area.
  4. Revised guidelines for invited/joint colloquia to encourage partnerships with a broader range of professional organizations (e.g., NABE, AAA).
  5. Collection of bio-data about self-identified race and ethnic background of membership.
  6. Endorsement of the TESOL and ACTFL statements which condemn the killing of George Floyd in and Systemic Racism / Racial Injustice in the US, as well as the House Resolution 908 “Condemning all forms of anti-Asian sentiment as related to COVID-19.” Contact: Netta Avineri, Chair of the AAAL Public Affairs and Engagement Committee (PAEC@aaal.org).
  7. 2020 summer webinar series on diversity, equity, access, and inclusion topics in scholarship and engagement. Contact: The Committee on Online Education and Outreach.