DEIA Graduate Student Award
Distinguished Service and Engaged Research Graduate Student Award (DSERG)
Who is eligible? 
Student members of AAAL1 who (1) have highly ranked individual conference submissions, and (2) are also members of a traditionally underrepresented group
Student members of AAAL who are nominated (by themselves or by others)*
What does it recognize?
The academic merit of accepted individual conference proposals; and the scholarly contributions and trajectories of the applicants. Service and engaged research endeavors that (1) promote the interests of traditionally underrepresented or minoritized groups in the field of applied linguistics, (2) raise public awareness of important social issues connected to language, (3) increase the opportunities for collaboration and dialogue among all members of AAAL, and (4) demonstrate critical reflexivity toward the complex effects of power and privilege in such work
What is included in the award?
Funding to support conference attendance, formal recognition at the conference Certificate and public recognition through AAAL
Who adjudicates the award and what is the timeline?

Graduate Student Awards (GSA)  Committee; adjudicated after acceptances of abstracts are communicated and people have registered for the conference; top-ranked abstract submitters are contacted in order to apply. Winners are announced by January 31st.

Co-chairs of the Graduate Student Council (GSC), another member of the GSC (member-at-large), a representative of the Public Affairs and Engagement Committee (PAEC), such as Chair or Co-chair; and a AAAL Executive Committee (EC) member as liaison to EC.


The annual deadline for submission of nominations and supporting materials is June 1st. Decisions are made by Nov. 30th.

Full details

The DEIA-GSA award and DSERG award should not be given to the same individual in the same year in order to recognize a larger number of graduate students engaged in diversity efforts. The GSA Chair will be informed of the winner of the DSERG award once it is announced; the AAAL Office will have this information. The DSERG winner can be eligible for a GSA travel award other than the DEIA award if they meet other eligibility requirements.

*Applicants must be student members of AAAL at the time of application and enrolled in a university, Master's, Ph.D., or Ed.D. program in applied linguistics or a related field.