Conference Connections

Conference Connections was established at the 2018 annual conference after two years of information-gathering by the AAAL Graduate Student Council and Executive Committee on the professional development needs and interests of student members of AAAL. The goal of Conference Connections is to provide structured opportunities for student members to meet more senior members of AAAL through a simple system of pairing interested individuals.

Conference Connections is an opportunity for student members to make social connections with more senior members of AAAL. Students who sign up for Conference Connections are paired with a more senior member of AAAL who serves as a mentor by meeting with the student during the conference for one of two purposes (chosen by the student):

  1. Conference presentation feedback: If the student is giving a presentation at the conference, the senior mentor would attend the student’s talk, round-table, or poster presentation and meet with him/her afterwards to provide feedback on the presentation/research project.
  2. Introductions with mentor: The student and senior mentor would spend one coffee break in the Publishers Exhibit Hall getting to know one another. The mentor may also introduce the student to other conference goers there.

To allow time for mentee-mentor pairing, please register for Conference Connections by February 7, 2019 here. This online registration form is for mentees only. Prospective mentors will be contacted directly by the Conference Connections committee. 

Students wishing to participate in Conference Connections 2019 must be registered for the conference by February 7, 2019. To ensure that the AAAL Conference Connections program can serve as many students as possible, each student will be paired with one mentor. We ask that students submit only one registration form.