Alison Mackey

Alison Mackey is Professor of Linguistics at Georgetown University and in summers, Professor of Applied Linguistics at Lancaster University. Her interests include interaction-driven L2 learning, L2 research methodology and the applications of interaction and feedback through task-based language teaching, as well as L2 dialects and identities. She has published 75+ journal articles/book chapters, and 15 books in total, including the Mildenberger prize-winning Handbook of SLA (co-edited with Susan M. Gass). Mackey is Editor-in-Chief of the Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, published by CUP, #1 of 181 Linguistics Journals for 2017 Impact factor. She is co-founder of the Instruments for Research into Second Languages  (IRIS) database project (funded by ESRC and the British Academy) and co-editor of the Taylor and Francis Second Language Acquisition series. She has lived and taught applied linguistics and ESL/EFL in the U.K., Japan, Australia, and the U.S.