AAAL 2022 

March 19 - 22, 2022
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The theme of the conference is “Applied Linguistics in Times of Reckoning and Change.

AAAL welcomes submissions about all topics and approaches to applied linguistics research, as reflected in the twenty-some official conference strands. But Pittsburgh 2022 will be the first in-person AAAL conference since Atlanta 2019, and the global pandemic has upended our personal, public, and research lives. With this year’s theme, we hope to make AAAL 2022 into a meeting place for productive conversations about how the work of applied linguists within and across strands might be changing in response to our times of reckoning—public reckoning over our most vexing world problems as well as disciplinary reckoning over pressing epistemic, methodological, and ethical questions about our research. How is the crisis impacting—both negatively and positively—our different subdisciplines in terms of how applied linguists do research, communicate findings, test language, educate teachers, and so on? What can applied linguists do to contribute transformative knowledge about language in the world? Across all our diverse strands of work, what can be done in the name of applied language research that can support a more just and equitable society? The goals for the 2022 conference program are also ambitious: to nurture community, to support the interests of underrepresented or minoritized groups in the field of applied linguistics, and to increase the opportunities for collaboration, dialogue, and action among all presenters and attendees.