2025 Call for Award Nominations

The American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL) recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of Applied Linguistics through a variety of awards. AAAL is currently seeking nominations for the 2025 Awards. The application deadline for all 2025 awards is June 1, 2024
First Book Award

The AAAL First Book Award recognizes a scholar whose first book represents outstanding work in the field of applied linguistics. In bestowing this award, the association honors books that make an exceptional contribution to the field as a whole or to a specific area of specialization. The First Book Award is given biennially, alternating every other year with the AAAL Book Award.

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Dissertation Award

The Dissertation Award began in 2016 to acknowledge a dissertation that demonstrates research excellence, transcends narrow disciplinary fields, and has broad impact on and implications for the field of applied linguistics as a whole. Dissertations must have been completed during the previous two years.

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Distinguished Public Service Award

The Distinguished Public Service Award recognizes individuals outside of the field of applied linguistics – writers, journalists, entertainers, lawyers, etc. – whose work (1) raises public awareness of important social issues connected to language and (2) makes exceptional contributions to promotion of multilingualism, linguistic social justice, and language-related human rights.

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Distinguished Scholarship and Service Award

The Distinguished Scholarship and Service Award recognizes and honors a distinguished scholar for their scholarship and service to the profession in general and to the American Association for Applied Linguistics in particular.

Distinguished Service and/or Engaged Research Graduate Student Award in Relation to Diversity Efforts

The purpose of the Distinguished Service and Engaged Research Graduate Student Award (DSERGSA, or DSERG for short) is to recognize outstanding scholarship and service by a graduate student that advances JEDI within AAAL and the wider field.

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Research Article Award

The AAAL Research Article award is bestowed annually upon the author or authors of a published refereed journal article which is recognized by leaders in the field to be of outstanding quality and to hold the broadest potential impact on the advancement of applied linguistic knowledge.

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