Requesting Accommodations for the 2024 AAAL Conference

AAAL aims to carve out more accessible spaces and practices during the 2024 Conference in Houston, Texas, and at future conferences. Everyone who is interested in attending the 2024 AAAL Conference is welcome to seek accommodations/adjustments to meet your disability and special needs via this form. You are not required to disclose your disability or identity status when making such requests. For issues related to hotel reservation, please contact the hotel directly.

The Conference Organizing Team kindly asks that accommodation requests be submitted by January 16, 2024 so that your request will most effectively be supported. If you have missed this date, feel free to make your requests anyway. The conference team will do their best to accommodate all requests.
Among possible accommodations, the 2024 Conference has a limited number of Zoom-enabled slots that allow for the remote delivery of presentations. Presenters for whom in-person participation presents a serious health risk will be prioritized in the allocation of these slots.