AAAL 2022 Strand Coordinators

AAAL 2022 Pittsburgh

Analysis of Discourse and Interaction Martha Sidbury Christiansen, 
Anti-racism, Decolonization, and Intersectionality for Systemic Transformation Usree Bhattacharya,
Assessment and Evaluation      Jamie Schissel,  
Bilingual, Immersion, Heritage, and Minority Education

Becky Huang,

Zhongfeng Tian 

Corpus Linguistics Pascual Pérez-Paredes, University of Murcia
Educational Linguistics Theresa Austin,
Language and Ideology Jerry Won Lee,
Language and Technology Jenifer Ho,
Language Maintenance and Revitalization Justin T. McBride, 
Language Planning and Policy Sarah Moore, 
Language, Cognition and Brain Research Bimali Indrarathne, 
Language, Culture, & Socialization Hakyoon Lee,
Phonology/Phonetics and Oral Communication Jennifer Foote, 
Pragmatics Rachel Shively, 
Reading, Writing, and Literacy

Shulin Yu, 

Xiaodong Zhang,

Research Methodology Jenifer Larson-Hall, 
Second and Foreign Language Pedagogy Julio Torres, 
Second Language Acquisition, Language Acquisition, and Attrition

Shaofeng Li,

Phil Hiver,

Sociolinguistics Jackie Lou, 
Teacher Education and Beliefs

Ena Lee, 

Tonda Liggett,

Text Analysis (Written Discourse) Dong-shin Shin
Translation and Interpretation Sonia Colina, 
Vocabulary and Lexical Studies Suhad Sonbul,