Navigating the world of academic publishing


This end-of-conference workshop is designed to help participants move from conference presentation and to academic publication. Participants will engage in whole-group and small-group discussions with current editors of leading international journals in the field of applied linguistics. In the first part of the workshop, four journal editors will discuss common questions such as “How does the review process work?” “How do I choose the best journal for my project?” “What are editors looking for in a paper?”. The second half of the workshop will consist of small group activities and conversations with individual journal editors focused on particular topics (e.g. different types of journal articles, tips and tricks for creating paper drafts from conference presentations). Participants are encouraged to bring outlines, abstracts and specific questions or challenges to the session as well as their laptops. The workshop will end with a general discussion of proactive next steps and Q&A.


Shawn Loewen is Professor in the Second Language Studies and MATESOL programs at Michigan State University. His research interests include instructed second language acquisition, classroom interaction and quantitative research methodology. He is the associate editor of The Modern Language Journal.

Emma Marsden is Professor of Applied Linguistics, University of York. She has taught foreign languages and undertaken language learning/teaching research. She is Editor of Language Learning and co-author of Second Language Learning Theories. She directs the IRIS language learning research materials repository and OASIS, a database of accessible research summaries.

Charlene Polio is a Professor in the TESOL and Second Language Studies programs, Michigan State University.  She is co-editor of TESOL Quarterly and past associate editor of The Modern Language Journal.  Her research interests include second language writing with a focus on the SLA-writing interface and research methods used in second language writing inquiry.

Rita Elaine Silver is an Associate Professor in English Language and Literature and Associate Dean for Research Design & Integrity at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. She is editor of Language &  Education. Her research interests include teacher professional learning, classroom discourse, language and literacy development, and research management.