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2017 Conf. Expertise in Cultural Participation, Entrepreneurship & Political Action in Social Media
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Communication in contemporary social media involves resources provided by language(s), varieties, styles and genres, alongside other semiotic resources – textual forms and patterns, visuality, still and moving images, sound, music, and cultural discourses – as well as their mobilization in processes of entextualization (Bauman & Briggs, 1990; Blommaert, 2005) and resemiotization (Iedema, 2003; Leppänen et al., 2014). The ‘language’ of social media is thus a bricolage of multiple, intertwined semiotic materials (Kress & van Leeuwen, 2001; Scollon & LeVine, 2004). In today’s social media discourse practices, such multilingual and multisemiotic communicative resources serve as essential means for social interaction, collaborative and participatory cultural production and knowledge construction.

In my talk I will argue that, the study of these practices calls for an ethnographic and multi-dimensional theoretical and methodological approach (Blommaert & Rampton, 2011; Martin-Jones, Blackledge & Creese, 2012; Leppänen & Kytölä, in press). More specifically, I will highlight the usefulness of combining insights from new sociolinguistics, computer-mediated discourse studies, semiotics, cultural studies, sociology and economics to explain the development and constructions of new forms of communicative expertise, still largely unacknowledged by society at large, but highly appreciated and functional in Collaborative Commons in social media, characterised by “collaborative interests and driven by a deep desire to connect with others and share, open-source innovation, transparency, and the search for community” (Rifkin, 2014, pp. 18-19).

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