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AAALetter - September 2017
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The Newsletter of the American Association for Applied Linguistics

September 2017
Volume 29, Number 2

Table of Contents

  1. From the Editor - A New Start with Key Priorities
    As we start a new academic year, on behalf of all of us in the EC and in the AAAL Office, I want to wish you a wonderful and exciting year! Read More.

  2. From the President - Questions of Diversity
    Fall greetings from Spring-like Melbourne! And best wishes for a seamless start to the new academic year commencing in the Northern Hemisphere. The 2018 Conference Chair, Linda Harklau, and AAAL staff have had a busy summer preparing for the August deadline for abstracts for the 2018 conference in Chicago in March. Some 2100 proposals were received, higher than the number received for the most recent conference in Portland, and in fact a record number. At a time of considerable turbulence in the US and in the world, this is a wonderful achievement, and congratulations go to Linda and her team, and the wonderful support staff in the AAAL office. Read More.

  3. From 1st VP/Conference Chair
    AAAL 2018 will take place March 24-27. We will be returning to Chicago, a perennial favorite for AAAL meetings, and the Sheraton Grand Chicago, a great venue in downtown Chicago right on the Chicago River and close to the lake. Read More.

  4. From the Secretary/Treasurer

    It was a busy summer at AAAL. As the secretary/treasurer of the Association, it is my privilege to communicate to you the results of the yearly election. We welcome Dr. Kendall King as our Second Vice President, Dr. Charlene Polio as our Member-at-large, and Dr. Thomas Ricento as our FFAL Trustee. In addition, we welcome Dr. Heidi Byrnes, Dr. Ofelia García, Dr. Christine Tardy and Dr. Lawrence Zhang as members of the Nominating Committee. I would like to thank each of the elected officials for their service. I would also like to thank those who were nominated but not elected. We look forward to working with all of our nominees in some capacity in the coming years. The Association depends on the talents, insights and efforts of its outstanding membership. Read More.

  5. From the Past President - New "Conference Connections"

    Over the past two years, members of the Graduate Student Council and the Executive Committee have been gathering information about the professional development needs and interests of graduate student members of AAAL. Based on input from individuals and focus groups, in addition to academic professional development, we learned that some student members would like to have opportunities to make social connections with more senior members of AAAL. As a result, AAAL will trial a small-scale project of social opportunities at the 2018 AAAL Conference. These opportunities could be referred to as “Conference Connections.” Read More.

  6. From Member-at-Large - Member Spotlight
    It is a great honor for me to serve on the Executive Committee (EC) of AAAL as a Member-at-Large. On a personal level, AAAL has always been a special organization to me, which has helped me grow as a professional in the field and cultivate my interests in Applied Linguistics research. Read More.

  7. From the Graduate Student Council's Steering Committee

    Three years ago, the Graduate Student Council (GSC) became an official organizational body within AAAL. Since our inception, we have worked diligently to serve our fellow graduate students by (1) encouraging active AAAL membership and providing opportunities for leadership and participation within the organization, (2) maintaining social media and communication platforms for disseminating information related to applied linguistics and graduate student interests, and (3) planning and leading conference events for grads. This year’s GSC Steering Committee is comprised of five students from different institutions, including myself (co-chair, University of Wisconsin-Madison), Mengying Liu (co-chair, University of Minnesota), Michael Amory (secretary, Pennsylvania State University), Rayoung Song (member-at-large, University of Massachusetts-Amherst), and Ai-Chu Ding (member-at-large, Indiana University-Bloomington). We’ll have some (friendly) rivalries for Big Ten sporting events this year! Read More.

  8. AILA Research Networks: Call for Applications
    Research Networks (ReNs) within AILA are formed for promoting research and disseminating their research findings inside and outside AILA. Each ReN focuses on a special topic area of Applied Linguistics that has the potential for new cross-disciplinary research. ReNs exist for three years and can be renewed upon reapplication. Read More.

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