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Integrative Mixed Methods Research Design and Analysis
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Speaker: Eunice Eunhee Jang, University of Toronto

The fields of applied linguistics, second language acquisition and language testing have witnessed a methodological shift toward mixed methods research as a result of our advances in understanding of the complex nature of language ability and learning process and discursive interactions among linguistic, psycho-social, political, and cultural dimensions of language. Mixed methods research (MMR), in general, endorses pluralism to understand the complex nature of a social world from multiple perspectives and multiple methodological lenses, each of which offers partial yet valuable insights. This methodological mixing is not limited to mixing of methods, but extends to the entire inquiry process (Jang, Wagner, & Park, 2014).

One important area for growth in MMR is integrative research designs and analysis, which is the main focus of the present workshop. Parallel presentations of findings by method or question type limit the synergistic effects of MMR, prompting the reader to question its intent. This workshop begins by engaging participants in reflecting on and reconceptualising paradigmatic worldviews underlying their inquiry approaches. It will overview the MMR design typologies, and meta-analyze existing MMR studies to appreciate that MMR is much more complex than what single MMR design typologies represent. Subsequently, the workshop will engage participants in exploring fully integrated MMR designs and analytic approaches in an interactive and iterative manner. It will demonstrate how preliminary results from one method can be transformed to a form compatible with the other for further analysis or be consolidated to create blended variables to further examine new insights.

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