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2017 Conference - Drama as a pedagogical approach in TESOL for plurilingual choices Abstract
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In many parts of the world, English language classes are inherently multilingual and provide unique possibilities to explore a wealth of languages and cultures as well as interactions among them. Although the field of TESOL has historically followed monolingual ideologies, a plurilingual lens in English teaching can be transformative and include language practices that are situated, creative and contextualized. Encouraging students to use their own plurilingualism, particularly in situations that require problem-solving strategies, is important as it prepares them to make mindful decisions about language use in real-life situations. One pedagogical approach that facilitates the use of language(s) in contextualized situations is drama, which includes practices such as translanguaging and code-switching as well as critical understandings of interculturality. In this presentation, I briefly discuss the benefits of process and product drama for English learning. I then draw on samples of pedagogical applications of drama carried out with international multilingual students in two Canadian universities. Finally, I reflect on the process students engaged to make decisions when applying their pluriligualism during drama practices and discuss the role of the plurilingual educator during this process. The main goal of this presentation is to demonstrate how plurilingualism can be encouraged and creatively applied in TESOL though drama practices and open possibilities for future research and practice.
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