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AAALetter - December 2017
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The Newsletter of the American Association for Applied Linguistics

December 2017
Volume 29, Number 3

Table of Contents

  1. From the AAALetter Editor

    Another calendar year is almost coming to an end, and with it, we have an opportunity to reflect on past accomplishments and look forward to the exciting opportunities that the future brings! Read More.

  2. From the President
    As we move towards the New Year and the forthcoming conference in Chicago, the Executive Committee of the Association has been working on a number of issues. At our recent mid-year meeting in Chicago, arguably the most important item on the agenda was the discussion of the set of sixteen specific issues identified by the Task Force on the Implementation on the Resolution on Diversity, whose members included Manka Varghese, Glenn Martinez, Fabiola Ehlers-Zavala, Peter De Costa, Laura Collins, and Kathi Bailey (Chair). It was extremely helpful to have such a specific set of points to consider. Read More.

  3. From the 1st VP
    The AAAL 2018 Conference Team is hard at work finalizing plans for the Chicago conference. We were excited to receive nearly 2200 proposals this year, over 10% more than last year and up about 30% from four years ago. Proposals came in from scholars worldwide, reason to celebrate AAAL’s expanding and increasingly diverse scholarly community. At the same time, this overwhelming response resulted in strong competition for conference program space. For 2018 the overall proposal acceptance rate was under 50%. Within these constraints, we have done our utmost to balance representation across strands striving for proportionate acceptances and time on the program. We have also continued the shared short paper format initiated last year. Looking towards future conferences, the Executive Committee is also discussing other possible changes in presentation formats in light of increasing submissions. Read More

  4. From the Past President: The Immediate Past President's Role
    What exactly does the Immediate Past President of AAAL do? This is a question I wondered about when I first agreed to run for office in AAAL. Fortunately, our Standing Rules provide clear information about several specific roles for all four years of service in the presidential line. The year of being Second Vice President is a period of enculturation and learning. Then the role of the First Vice President is hectic, with all the time-sensitive issues of planning and running the annual AAAL conference. Just when that responsibility is at its most frenetic, the First Vice President must appoint committee members and chairs for the coming year. Then, as President, he/she has numerous predictable duties as well as the responsibility of dealing with all sorts of unexpected issues that arise. Read More.

  5. From a Member-At-Large: Ethics Guidelines Write Up
    In September 2016, then President of AAAL, Kathleen Bailey, commissioned a task force that would look into the development of ethics guidelines to protect a vulnerable segment of our membership: emerging scholars. Particular focus was given to this group because emerging scholars are often faced with challenges and constraints in the multiple, and sometimes competing, roles of students, teachers, assistants, and researchers. Read More.

  6. From the Graduate Student Council: A Graduate Student Council Steering Committee Update
    The Steering Committee of the Graduate Student Council (GSC) has entered its third year as an officially recognized entity within AAAL. It is our hope to maintain what we have done previously and to improve with our new initiatives as we continue to serve and represent the AAAL graduate student body. In this article, we would like to detail some of the exciting avenues that we are currently pursuing. Read More.

  7. Special Topic—A special interview with Osvaldo Aviles, one of the recipients of the Inaugural Distinguished Public Service Award
    This upcoming March, AAAL will have the great opportunity to honor two individuals who have made a significant difference in their public service. On them is the Honorable Ida K. Chen who for over 25 years has devoted herself to advance the rights of individuals whose dominant language is not English. Judge Chen has worked to advocate for the use of qualified interpreters in court proceedings. Her accomplishments are vast and numerous, and we will learn more about them at the upcoming conference! Read More.

  8. From ARAL--An Update
    The Annual Review of Applied Linguistics (ARAL) has seen many changes over the past three volumes. In 2015, a new editor and editorial board began their terms, and the journal underwent changes in design and content. A contemporary cover and format were added, and the scope of publications was expanded to include position papers, shorter and longer reviews and original empirical papers. The focus of the 2015 issue, Identity in applied linguistics, was developed in order to correspond to the theme of AAAL's 2015 conference.  The 2016 issue focused on Task-based language teaching and learning. That same year, 2016, ARAL also began to publish Blogs and ‘Extra Papers’ to extend the academic content available to AAAL members. Read More.

  9. AAAL Resolution Procedures
    The resolution process is an important means by which AAAL members can make their voices heard on issues internal to AAAL’s governance and operations. The Resolutions Committee is charged with the responsibility for processing all resolutions proposed by the membership before they are acted upon by the general business meeting of AAAL, including those calling for amendment to the Bylaws as outlined in Article XII: Amendments. The Resolutions Committee may also originate courtesy resolutions. Read More.

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