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2017 Conference - Sexuality and Applied Linguistics: Poststructuralist Perspectives
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This panel emerges out of a call for poststructuralist approaches to applied linguistics (see e.g. the contributions to a special issue of Applied Linguistics (McNamara 2012)), a field of inquiry that has been famously defined by Christopher Brumfit as the “theoretical and empirical investigation of real world problems in which language is a central issue” (1995: 27). Against this backdrop, the papers in this panel collectively argue that sexuality should be a prime object of poststructuralist deconstruction for applied linguists, because, as the contributors illustrate, sexuality is a complex terrain on which relations of power are produced, negotiated and contested via linguistic and discursive means. Such power negotiations and contestations take a variety of guises in different contexts and linguistic data: from heteronormative exclusion in Polish EFL classrooms and homophobic bullying in British educational contexts to linguistic inclusion in foreign language teaching and sexing dynamics in science textbooks; from queer translaguaging in Singaporean plays to discursive resistance against heterosexual normativities in a Brazilian blog.
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