Call for Dissertation Award Nominees - 2022

AAAL invites nominations for the 2023 AAAL Dissertation Award.

Dissertations completed in the two years prior to this call (2020-present) are eligible for nomination. All dissertations must be successfully defended by the nomination deadline of June 1, annually.

The adjudication involves two steps, as outlined below.


Initial submissions require the following materials:

  1. A maximum 20-page, double-spaced summary of the dissertation, including relevant tables, figures, and references. (References can be single-spaced.) Please include your name and dissertation title at the top of the first page and number your pages. Any additional pages will be disregarded. Please use standard margins and font sizes.
  2. A copy of your most recent CV
  3. Department or program contact name, email, and phone number;
  4. A confidential nomination letter from the dissertation supervisor (details follow);
  5. A confidential letter of support from another faculty member.

Nomination and support letters are limited to 1350 words. Nomination letters need to include the following information:


  • What contributions does the dissertation make to the field of applied linguistics?
  • What have the contributions of the nominee been to the field of applied linguistics to date? Describe their future potential and trajectory as applied linguists.
  • Describe the theoretical framing, methodological rigor, and findings of the dissertation and their significance.
  • Comment on the innovation and originality of the dissertation.
  • Is the dissertation written in a clear and accessible manner for the breadth of audiences within the field of applied linguistics and related fields?


  • Describe the nominee’s past accomplishments and contributions to the field of applied linguistics. Please comment on the nominee’s current and (expected) future contributions as well.

Applications are incomplete and ineligible if any of the material listed above is not submitted.

To limit the number of submissions, only one nomination can be submitted per department or program in a single year. Nominations and supporting documents should be submitted using the form below. 


Shortlisted nominees will be contacted in early November and will be asked to submit an electronic copy of the complete dissertation for adjudication.


 March  Call for nominations announced
 June 1  Step 1: submissions deadline
 November 1  Notification of finalists;
 Step 2: submission of finalists’ dissertations
 January 15
 or earlier
 Notification of awardee
 Annual Conference  The Dissertation Award will be presented

Note: Nominees for the award must be AAAL members at the time of both nomination and award.


  • For questions about the Dissertation Award, email
  • To verify membership status, please contact
  • The confidential nomination letter and letter of support should be submitted by your referees using the form below. Advise them of the June 1st deadline and send them the list of information to be included in their letter (as shown above).