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Transdisciplinarity in Applied Linguistics (AILA@AAAL)
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Organizers: Claire Kramsch, UC Berkeley, Marjolijn Verspoor, University of Groningen and Daniel Perrin, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

List of presenters and titles of presentations:

Presenter: Patricia Baquedano-Lopez (UC Berkeley)
Title: Intersections of Applied Linguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, and Education

This paper discusses the contributions of a group of scholars trained in applied linguistics and in language socialization research—a subfield of linguistic anthropology—whose work is also centrally located in the education. I discuss tensions and gains navigating these areas of scholarship to pursue a unique line of research.

Presenter: Anthony Liddicoat (U of Warwick, UK)
Title: Language teaching and learning as a transdiciplinary endeavour.

This presentation focuses on the idea of language learning from an intercultural perspective to examine how multiple disciplines and different disciplinary traditions contribute to shaping understanding of the field and also consider some of the challenges that bringing multiple disciplines to bear.

Presenter: Alastair Pennycook (University of Technology Sydney)
Title: The posthumanist disciplinary anarchive

Despite many claims to the contrary, applied linguistics has never been a very convincing discipline. While this brings a downside of insecurity, instability and incoherence, it also brings many benefits of flexibility, innovation and breadth, allowing explorations in posthumanist applied linguistics, for example, which is better not reduced to transdisciplinarity.

Presenter: Daniel Perrin and Marlies Whitehouse (Zurich University of Applied Sciences)
Title: Because language matters: Transdisciplinary action research on financial communication

In transdisciplinary action research (TDA), academics from various disciplines collaborate with practitioners to investigate and sustainably solve socially-relevant practical problems. In our presentation, we apply TDA to explain to what extent financial analysts’ recommendations fulfill their requirement to mediate between experts and laypersons and how financial communication could be improved.

Presenter: Srikant Sarangi (Aalborg University)
Title: Interpretive burdens in sustaining the ‘holy grail’ of interprofessional research

This paper offers a practising discourse analyst’s reflections on the ‘interpretive burden’ surrounding collaborative interprofessional research in healthcare. Using a case exemplar, I suggest that the interpretive burden can be minimised/muted by fostering ‘consultative research’ (to include joint problematisation, thick participation, collaborative interpretation and hot feedback) and by building ‘communities of interest’.

Presenter: Chantelle Warner (U of Arizona)
Title: Transdisciplinarity across two-tiers: Applied linguistics and literature in collegiate foreign language fields

Amidst increasing dissatisfaction with the “two-tiered configuration” of many US foreign language departments, which divide the study of language and literature programmatically and hierarchically (e.g. MLA, 2007), this paper considers the perspectives and lived experiences of scholars whose academic work crosses between applied linguistics and literary studies.

Discussant: Claire Kramsch (UC Berkeley)

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